TS42 DIY ultra silent electric roller blind kit

Currently, this our best DIY kit for motorised roller blinds, with the Nice Era Inn action S at the heart of this.

And here’s why:

  • Obstacle detection prevents your blinds from getting damaged when there’s an obstacle. In both directions, so when it’s rolling up or down.
  • Precision and constant speed that ensure the blinds stop at the exact same spot every time. Which means when you have more than one, they’re all perfectly aligned.
  • The soft stop and soft start extend the life of your motor and gives it a smooth stop and start, no abrupt and shaky movements.
  • The touch buttons on the motor’ give you an easy way to set the end limits precisely where you want them to be
  • The motor can work up to 6 ~ 8 minutes. Meaning they are well suited for very long blinds – other motors give up after 4 minutes.

The kit includes everything you need to make your own electric roller blind, except the fabric

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